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BSAF Fishing Rules

  1. Only one rod to be used at a time and only fish caught on 3 hooks or less count in totals. Each landed fish is only eligible for one prize excluding any fish entered for specimen cup

  2. Live sandeels are not allowed.

  3. Skippers are not permitted to fish other than for bait.

  4. In the event of poor weather the Committee and Skippers will agree if fishing is allowed in deep water, sheltered water or if the day will be suspended. All decisions are final In the event of deteriorating weather the Skipper’s decision to return to port is final.

  5. Departing from port and lines up will be agreed by Skippers and any angler failing to follow instruction will be disqualified.

  6. The Committee reserve the right to amend or suspend any rule without notice.

  7. Guidelines for submission of Specimen Fish.

    1) Where fish are weighed in, this must be undertaken by the appropriate skipper and be witnessed by a member of the committee or their representative, who will record details of the species, weight and by whom caught. Ideally a photo of the fish showing the weight recorded on the scales should also be taken.

    2) Where a specimen fish is released it should first be photographed by the skipper alongside the official IFCA chart and details recorded on the Daily Sheet. It is the responsibility of the skipper to provide details and the photo to a member of the committee (eg by Whatsapp) on return to port. Fish not complying with one or other of these guidelines will not be eligible for submission for Specimen prize.

  8. All fish to be released with some exceptions, e.g. where kept for the table or for use as bait. The only species landed to be weighed are those qualifying for heaviest fish i.e.: heaviest Conger on Conger Day; heaviest Ling on Ling Day; heaviest Pollock, Cod, Bream, Whiting over the duration of festival; any fish classified and entered for Specimen fish over duration of festival.

  9. No Conger under 40lb to be landed. Skipper’s decision on any fish landed is final.

  10. Any fish weighed in will not be included in angler’s total weight. The relevant score will be awarded as for released fish. These fish should be added on to score sheet at time of capture.

  11. Basis of scoring: Released fish will be awarded the following points scores: Species Points Notes

    Conger 15 points (doubled for Conger Day ie 30 points)
    Ling 10 points (doubled for Ling Day ie 20 points)
    Cod 10 points
    Pollock 8 points (40cm or more in length)
    Pollock 3 points (under 40cm, maximum limit 10) . On exceeding species limit, no score for additional fish.
    Pouting, Wrasse, Dogfish, Whiting, Gurnard 2 points
    All other species 5 points (excluding micro species)
    No points for micro species include Poor Cod, Scad, Rockling, Mackerel or any Bait Fish.

  12. Contenders for the Specimen Cup (Class 13) will be considered on presentation night and the best Specimen selected for the cup. See below for Guidelines for submission of Specimen Fish.

  13. Species points will be accumulated over the week. All species (including micro species) caught on 3 hooks or less will count towards total number of species. Points will be awarded as per the following 5 species = 50 points 10 species = 100 points Each additional species = 10 points. 15 species = bonus 50 points. Any shark caught will not count towards any points score but may be eligible for the Looe Chamber of Trade and Commerce Individual Shark Trophy.

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